My profession is Software. I am a partner in the firm that makes the GX product line. Our software is used round the world. My wife and I have four children. There is some history here on our very old home page.

I am a private student of Hebrew for reasons of passion. I post a mixture of flowers and poetry – my translations of the ancient kind. As well as the odd bit of personal theology. May it be a blessing to all.

You can now order my translation of the Psalms with its comprehensive analysis of word recurrence patterns. Its title is Seeing the Psalter.

Most recently I have written a program to transform Hebrew Text into Music XML. Believe it or not, this was intended by the writers of the Hebrew text and they had never heard of programming. But they knew chironomy and what they did was encode the hand signals into the text syllable by syllable.

Contact: you can get in touch via my Twitter handle @drmacdonald


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  1. Thanks for reposting my blogs. I appreciate it.

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